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Rehabilitation Facilities

The following facilities are provided by the PRC to the spinal cord injured (SCI) serving & retired soldiers.

1. Free Accommodation
(a) Residential Wards. Well furnished air conditioned wards with modified bathrooms to meet the special requirements of Quadriplegic/ Paraplegic residents.
(b) Married Accommodation. Two rooms set with modified bathroom and kitchen duly furnished is provided to the married residents.
2. Free Messing. Free messing to both single and married spinal cord injury (SCI) residents.
3. Free Clothing. Free bedding and set of clothing is provided for daily use to each resident.
4. Medical Facilities.
(a) Visit of Ortho, Neuro and Urology Surgeons from Command Hospital (WC) Chandimandir is arranged on need basis. A medical officer from Command Hospital visits every month to review medical status.
(b) Serious cases are sent to Command Hospital (WC) Chandimandir or empanelled hospitals.
(c) PRC provides after medical care for minor ailments and prevention of bed/ pressure sores.

5. Vocational Training.
(a) Vocational training is provided in various trades such as cutting & tailoring, knitting with machines, candle making and caning of chairs.
(b) Computer training is also imparted to acquire basic computer skills as data entry operators.
(c) Printing of school children copies and registers.
(d) Soft skills development to handle Call Centre Operations in collaboration with UDchalo.

6. Physiotherapy.
(a) Physiotherapy wing is equipped with modern and high technology Physiotherapy equipment.
(b) A Hydrotherapy room with two butterfly tanks has been commissioned in the centre.
(c) Free Physiotherapy treatment is provided under a qualified Physiotherapist.

7. Sports Therapy.
(a) Indoor and Outdoor Sports facilities are provided to the SCI residents.
(b) Synthetic Basketball Court is available for the Wheelchair Basketball players.
(c) Synthetic Track for Wheelchair Races is also avl.
(d) Synthetic Wheelchair Tennis Court has also come up for practice Wheelchair Tennis.
(e) BOCCIA sports facility has been provided for the quadriplegic residents.
(f) Wheelchair Table Tennis facility is also available for all SCI residents.

8. Yoga Therapy. Daily Yoga Therapy classes are conducted from 0700 hrs to 0800 hrs under guidance of Patanjali Yogpeeth trained Instructor.

9. Psychological Therapy. Regular visit by the the Counselor / Physician from Command Hospital (WC) is organized and meditation talks and workshop are conducted for the residents.

10. AC Ambulance. AC Ambulance for the conveyance of residents to Command Hosp (WC) Chandimandir and empanelled Hospitals is also available with ramp facility for easy boarding/ deboarding of wheelchair bound residents.

11. Diversional Therapy. Religious discourses and meditation capsules are org on regular basis.

12. Recreational Facilities.
(a) Overhead projector to show movies to the residents and their families.
(b) Channel music is provided in the Wards, Physiotherapy Hall and Sheltered Workshop.
(c) TV with large screen is also provided.
(d) Social functions are organized centrally on various festivals with active participation with local dignitaries.

13. Library.
(a) Small library stocked with religious books and short stories/ biographies of great leaders is also available.
(b) Leading News Papers in English, Hindi and Punjabi are engaged for Residents.
(c) Magazines incl Sainik Samachar are also provided.

14. Welfare Aspects.
(a) Initial and follow up action for final settlement of IRLA, AFPP Fund, Gratuity, Pension claim and Commutation of Pension.
(b) Financial assistance from AG's Branch, AGIF and Centre/State Govts.
(c) Job placement with public/private sectors.

15. Visits. Visit of residents and families are also organized to religious/ historical and other places of interest.

16. Leave Facilities. 60 days leave in a year is given to each resident to visit their homes/relatives at their own expense.